A string orchestra with 20 people. All musicians are wearing white shirt and black balaclava covering their face.

Malmös leende

Malmö today resembles a melting pot, full of possibilities and contradictions. With inhabitants from many backgrounds and social belongings, it might be the most diverse city in Sweden. Yet something binds everyone together: a feeling of belonging to Malmö, of being a part of the city’s smile.

On Malmös leende

Pictures depicting the city are often black and white. Politicians talk about economic growth and success. Media, on the other hand, talks about a conflict-torn city without any prospect.

But what about everyday Malmö? What about the reality outside our windows? What can this tell about the changes sweeping through Swedish society today?

In Malmös Leende, a group of international and Swedish artists interact with the city and it’s public space. They try to deconstruct simplistic depictions and explore its complex reality. Their works deal with a broad aspect of issues pertaining to politics, religion, language, belonging and cityscape.

Malmös Leende is produced by Public Art Agency Sweden and realized in collaboration with the City of Malmö.