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Malmö´s Newsreels

Malmös Newsreels takes the form of a workshop and screenings in public space. SSC in collaboration with Den Nya Konstutbildningen will work closely with heterogeneous groups from the city to produce newsreels about the daily reality from the streets of Malmö – a shifting portrait of the city that will be projected on pop-up outdoor cinemas powered by solar panels. The project will function as a form of citizen-journalism and the artists will create a manual that will provide young people with tools and know-how in order for them to be able to produce their own versions of outdoor cinemas and newsreels.

The Sunshine Socialist Cinema is an outdoor cinema powered by solar panels, run by artists Kalle Brolin and Kristina Müntzing. Its themes include post-industrial survival, political filmmaking and more, complemented by public screenings, field trips, and presentations hosted by other institutions.

On Malmös leende

Malmös Leende, a group of international and Swedish artists interact with the city and it’s public space. They try to deconstruct simplistic depictions and explore its complex reality. Their works deal with a broad aspect of issues pertaining to politics, religion, language, belonging and cityscape.

Malmös Leende is produced by Public Art Agency Sweden and realized in collaboration with the City of Malmö.

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Södra Parkgatan 29A, Malmö, Sverige