En kvinna sitter hopkrupen på en röd matta och lyssnar på ljudet från en av flera högtalare som finns utplacerade. James Webb, Prayer (Malmö)

Prayer (Malmö)

The work Prayer (Malmö) is a poetic, multi-channel installation comprising of recordings of prayer and vocal worship from religions in Malmö, including most denominations of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism, as well as new religious movements and traditional, pre-Christian faiths. The project becomes a living portrait of the cultural diversity of Malmö, its religions, languages and people. It also offers an opportunity to contemplate issues of belief, migration and multiculturalism.

The series Prayer has been strongly inspired by the process and experience of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa, with its emphasis on listening and disclosure.

Prayer (Malmö) is an extended edition of the first version of the work that was commissioned and produced by Wanås konst in spring 2015.

James Webb is a sound artist working with large-scale installations or creating unannounced interventions in public spaces. He often makes use of ellipsis, displacement and détournement to explore the nature of belief and the dynamics of communication in our contemporary world.

On Malmös leende

In Malmös Leende, a group of international and Swedish artists interact with the city and it’s public space. They try to deconstruct simplistic depictions and explore its complex reality. Their works deal with a broad aspect of issues pertaining to politics, religion, language, belonging and cityscape.

Malmös Leende is produced by Public Art Agency Sweden and realized in collaboration with the City of Malmö.