Eternal Employment

Artist: jakob goldin, simon senneby Tags: Permanent konst Stadsutveckling

Eternal Employment is the proposal for Korsvägen station that best meets the assessment criteria of the competition, according to the jury. Eternal Employment proposes, in both a humorous and critical way, an expanded understanding of the Chronotopia theme in relation to Korsvägen, a vibrant area characterised by its activities and commercialism. Here, in the middle of the event-city, Eternal Employment proposes an elaborate conceptual work that illustrates the connections between the individual’s everyday life and the intangible transactions of global economy.

In accordance with the concept of Eternal Employment, a person is employed at Korsvägen station. Whatever the employee choses to do constitutes the work. The employment contract is full time and of indefinite duration; should the employee resign or retire, a new employee is recruited. At the station, a changing room is installed, as well as a time clock connected to fluorescent lights above the platforms –a “working light”– that are turned on whenever the employee is at work. The artistic expression, visualised mostly through the lighting of the station, provides a direct sensory experience while suggesting multiple interpretations in relation to working environments. The stamp bell and the changing room, to which only the employee has access, are also important components of the proposal.

Statement of the jury

The jury considers that this strongly innovative proposal presents a solid concept and an artistic expression of great quality, which significantly broadens the field of artistic interventions in the public sphere. The proposal unfolds through the whole station premises and transcends its walls, since it has the potential to become part of the oral history of Gothenburg. Eternal Employment conveys a complexity and a visionary quality that show its ability to develop over time, in future generations and in relation to further social development. Read more her

About the West Link: Chronotopia

The West Link is one of the largest construction projects ever in the Västra Götaland region: it will connect the city and the region by means of a new underground railway through central Gothenburg and new train stations to relieve traffic at the Central Station. The new station environments, entrances, bridges and adjoining urban areas will shape people’s living environments for a long time to come. The construction is scheduled to start in 2018 and the first trains are expected to circulate through the tunnels in 2026. Read more about the West Link: Chronotopia here

Moto/bilder: Jakob Goldin, Simon Senneby
Poem: Translated by Linda Schenck

Eternal Employment is a part of the West Link: Chronotopia

Artists have an opportunity to participate in one of the largest construction projects ever in Gothenburg: the urban development project of the West Link and the infrastructure area of Olskroken.