Kvinna tittar på ett verk och lyssnar med hörlurar.

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Public Art Agency Sweden’s mission is for art to be accessible and innovative where we live and work. In our audio guide, we have, so far, collected the stories behind fifty public artworks that the Agency has developed over eight decades, and which can be found all over the country. Curators, audience and artists are heard in the guide which thus becomes a collective mediating voice for the artworks. Work with the guide continues and new artworks will continue to be presented.

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Listen to three of the soundtracks below

At the far end of Djurgården in Stockholm there is a land art work that is based on the cosmic phenomenon of gravitational waves. It was created as a memorial to the Swedes who lost their lives in the tsunami disaster in Southeast Asia in 2004.

The Blue Orange is an artwork in Vara – and it is also the city’s train station. Listen to the artist Katharina Grosse talk about the work.

Annorstädes is a video installation that transforms the below ground-part of Malmö Central Station into a giant train compartment that slowly travels through different landscapes. Listen to the artist Tania Ruiz Gutiérrez talk about the work.