En gräsmatta som en långsmal grop har grävts i.

Woven Songs and Luleå konstbiennal 2020

Woven songs is a series of artworks and artistic interventions to be featured in the different exhibitions of the Luleå Biennial and on public sites in Norrbotten County from November 2020.

Woven songs is a programme of works and events in collaboration with Public Art Agency Sweden, curated by Edi Muka in dialogue with Karin Bähler Lavér, Emily Fahlén and Asrin Haidari. It crops up within the biennial’s various exhibitions as well as in public places in Norrbotten.

The project poses a series of questions that concern something as matter-of-fact as the earth, and how we live our lives there. The earth is at once a symbol of the sacred and the profane, and the material foundation for life and death, right under our feet. In various ways Woven songs grapples with suspending a western logic in which the magical perspective has been separated from the level of everyday life. It turns the ear to the ground and listens to the rumble, traumas and songs that are awoken.

Participating artists: Linnea Axelsson, Elisabete Finger & Manuela Eichner in collaboration with Bárbara Elias, Danielli Mendes, Josefa Pereira, Mariana Costa and Patrícia Bergantin, Maria W. Horn, Aage Gaup, Kapwani Kiwanga, Hanna Ljungh in collaboration with Mattias Hållsten, Ingrid Ogenstedt och Isak Sundström.

Woven Songs forms the second part of an ongoing series of temporary projects in public space that investigate the changing sphere of the social. Read more about Woven songs and see the art works here.

The Luleå Biennal is an international biennial for contemporary art situated in Norrbotten, the northernmost region in Sweden. In the exhibitions global and hyperlocal perspectives meet. In addition to about a dozen exhibitions spread across the entire region, the 2020 edition will also include a program related to literature, drama and choreography, as well as an online journal.

The Luleå Biennal 2020 follows the rules and regulations concerning the ongoing pandemic. Since these recently changed, we’ve decided to cancel all forms of opening and public events (guided tours, performances etc.). Only the exhibitions themselves will be kept open with a very limited amount of visitors.

Opening hours
Opening weekend in Luleå and Boden: Saturday November 21 to Sunday November 22, 12:00–17:00.
Silver Museum in Arjeplog is open Saturday 10:00–14:00
Välkommaskolan in Malmberget: Saturday 12:00–16:00.

To plan your visit in advance, please email osa@luleabiennial.se and let us know which day, which exhibition/exhibtions and what time you plan your visit and we will return with confirmation of this.

In the photo: Positive/Negative (Morphology), 2018 by Kawani Kiwanga//Bildupphovsrätt 2020.