Karneval by Jose Luis Martinat

The artwork Karneval (Carnival) touches on issues of progress and the belief in a better future. The artwork was acquired for the Corona Collection, an initiative to support the Swedish art scene during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


José Luis Martinat creates textile art in techniques including embroidery. His concept is based on the belief in a better future, as it is reflected in western, political, economical and religious discourse – an idea of progress that has been passed on to the rest of the world, aided by, among others, the Catholic Church. José Luis Martinat employs a traditional technique – common in religious art – of applying gold and silver thread, in his case to plastic materials used in the building industry.

Artist biography José Luis Martinat 

Born in Peru, José Luis Martinat lives and works in Gothenburg. He is a graduate of Art Academy Malmö.