Tratt och barrem.

Behållare med tratt och bärrem by Mona Petersson

Mona Petersson’s artistic practice has long been infused by an interest in environmental issues. In a wide-ranging production she has worked with video, textiles and sculpture, exploring themes such as monocultures, climate change, respiratory and purification protective devices, and the root system of trees.

Petersson’s art practice is exploratory in the true sense of the word. Behållare med tratt och bärrem (Container with funnel and strap) consists of a porcelain funnel, strap, crocheted cotton yarn and wool, latex, metal and needlecraft. The elements of the objects may bring to mind practical tools that we use to make our lives more efficient. The hand-crocheted yarn that envelops and softly binds them together is in sharp contrast to expected functions and creates a fragile, tactile, expression. What are we actually seeing?

Artist biography Mona Petersson

Mona Petersson (b. 1954) lives on the island of Brännö in the municipality of Gothenburg. In 1987-1991 she studied textile art at HDK Valand Academy of Art and Design in Gothenburg. Petersson works with installations, sculpture and objects in various materials and techniques, poetry and previously also wall collage and video.