Fracture Surface (white/red) by Anastasia Ax. A spectacular work at Väpnarplan in Stockholm.

Fracture Surface (white/red)

At the small Väpnarplan square in central Stockholm, artist Anastasia Ax has created the artistic intervention Fracture Surface (white/red). The artwork is a result of a performance in which the artist processed a gigantic concrete block, creating a web of meanings between the body, materiality and work. Attracting attention, it also gives rise to ideas of violence, destruction, liberation, creation and situation.

In the work Fracture Surface (white/red), Anastasia Ax expands the concept of classical sculpture and makes visible a materiality that is the result of a process or an action. The work displays evidence of violent manipulation in which concepts such as “before” and “after” have been manifested in unexpected places creating a dynamic that releases the energy of the site.

About the creative process of Fracture Surface (white/red) by artist Anastasia Ax. Photography: Ricard Estay

On Anastasia Ax

Born in 1979, Swedish artist Anastasia Ax is based in Stockholm. She works interdisciplinarily, moving between sculpture, drawing, photography, installation, video, sound and performance. Her installations and interventions are often the result of a physical act, an attack or an event that, in different ways, leaves sculptural material traces.

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Sibyllegatan 2, Stockholm, Sverige