Knotiga näverfigurer sträcker sig mot himlen. I bakgrunden syns en byggnad.


Ingrid Elsa Maria Ogenstedt’s sculpture series Lichen is represented with two works at Luleå University of Technology, and one in the Storforsen nature reserve. By assembling the sculptures from different materials, the artist intends to make a connection between the works and where they are located, like opening multiple paths into a narrative.

The sculptures are mainly made out of birch bark. Slit lengthwise along the fibres, the bark becomes strong and durable. For this reason, it has been used for a number of purposes in northern Sweden throughout history. A symbol of regeneration, birch is also thought to have magical and healing powers. By way of the site and material, Lichen invites us to think about our relationship to the earth. The sculptures are neither trees nor beings, but structures that move with, towards and away from each other. The work speaks to strength, growth, taking up space, as well as to history and new beginnings.

About Ingrid Elsa Maria Ogenstedt

Ingrid Elsa Maria Ogenstedt (b. 1982, Nacka) is an artist based in Berlin.