En bild på en entréhall framför ett stort hus av sten.

New Directions – Decolonising the Museum and Public Art

A conversation organized by Public Art Agency Sweden and Nordiska museet attempting to approach the notions of decolonization of museums and public art.

2020 saw the inauguration of artist Outi Pieski’s public artwork Two Directions/Guektien bïegkese/Guovtte biggii for the new entrance to Nordiska museet. The artwork connects materials of contemporary art and cultural memory to urgent matters of Swedish colonialism and Saami repatriation.

In this web broadcasted conversation we wanted to follow the lead of Saami voices. How can public art, public institutions, and the museum take active roles in the process of dismantling coloniality and work toward becoming sites of material change?

This was the first part in a series of events on expanded narratives on public art and decolonization to create deeper knowledge on the subject. We recognize the challenge of working as state institutions addressing decolonization, to address the issues of decoloniality as nation states themselves often are deeply involved as part of colonial projects and thus an inherent part of the problem. Therefore the conversation also raises questions regarding the responsibility a government agency has for the narrative to which it contributes.

Watch the conversation "New Directions – Decolonising the Museum and Public Art".


  • Outi Pieski, artist,
  • Gunvor Guttorm, Professor in duodji at the Sami University College, Norway
  • Elin Kristine Haugdal, Professor in art history at The Arctic University of Norway
  • Sanne Houby-Nielsen, director of Nordiska museet
  • Peter Hagdahl, curator at Public Art Agency Sweden
  • Vanessa Gandy, head of experience, Nordiska museet
  • Moderator: Andria Nyberg Forshage, Public Art Agency Sweden

This web programme is produced by Public Art Agency Sweden in collaboration with Nordiska museet. This is the first part of a series on Expanded Narratives in Public Art, produced by Public Art Agency Sweden.