Exteriör av byggnad

Open call for artists: Overlapping boundaries, gaps of resistance

Public Art Agency Sweden has released an open call for artists to develop a permanent art project in connection with the renovation and extension of Gothenburg University’s Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts in Gothenburg.

Several artistic educational programmes will be relocated to one building with the aim of strengthening collaboration and facilitating social interaction and crossovers between artistic expressions. The venue has the ambition to become a central public space in Gothenburg, where anyone can meet to experience art and exchange knowledge.

The curatorial vision Overlapping boundaries, gaps of resistance aims at introducing a figurative space for resistance against escalating acceleration. Public Art Agency Sweden invites artists and collectives to interpret the vision by engaging, for instance, with questions of participation, temporalities or potential ways of probing accelerated developments.

The artistic project can take space in the new building by horizontally connecting indoor and outdoor spaces, by vertically connecting different levels. The project offers the opportunity to propose artistic projects that are located both inside and outside the building, being visible in the surrounding urban area while occupying space inside the building. Applying artists are encouraged to test the porosity of different kinds of boundaries and to investigate the site’s potential for embracing an artistic project that, in the face of liquidity and acceleration, contributes to enable more solid futures.

Following Swedish regulations, the commission is procured through an open call. The first step is a call for entries where applicants are requested to submit a notification of interest. Among the received notifications of interest, three artists or collectives will be commissioned and remunerated to develop a proposal. Finally, among the three received proposals, one artist/collective will be awarded the project commission.

About the commission

The remuneration for developing a proposal is 40,000 SEK excluding VAT for each of the three appointed artists/artist collectives. The budget frame for developing a sketch is 80,000 SEK, excluding VAT and the implementation of the proposal is 4,000,000 SEK, excluding VAT for the appointed artist or collective.

Notifications of interest must be submitted no later than
September 03, 2023 (by 11:59pm CEST).

Please find further information and all the necessary instructions to apply below.

To register your application, you must create an account on Tendsign. Any questions about how to create an account on TendSign should be directed to TendSign Support: +46 (0)771-440 200.