Svarta skulpturer

Interludes by Juan-Pedro Fabra Guemberena

Pull the trigger and the bullet whistles through the air. When it penetrates the flesh it rips a hole, tears, destroys and leaves traces. Traces of violence cast in bronze.

Juan-Pedro Fabra Guemberena’s ballistic sculptures have been cast from the holes produced by the seven most common types of ammunition produced in Sweden. What questions are raised by the work? How does it feel when we observe the hard, angular bronze sculptures? We may also experience a contrasting emotion when we look at the beautiful, decorative sculptures. Here, beauty and violence meet.

Artist biography Juan-Pedro Fabra Guemberena

Juan-Pedro Fabra Guemberena was born in 1972 and holds an MFA from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. He works in Stockholm, Berlin and Montevideo.