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Blue Suspense by Per Wizén

Per Wizén uses fragments from famous artworks and comic books to create new images. Blue Suspense was acquired for the Corona Collection, an initiative to support the Swedish art scene during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Twenty years ago, Per Wizén created a collage based on the painting The Hunt in the Forest by Renaissance artist Paolo Uccello. By removing the hunters, dogs and prey from the image, Wizén teased out the dark and naked forest in the background. Some years later he created a pictorial series based on Lewis Carroll’s original version of Alice in Wonderland 

Per Wizén sets up strict rules to adhere to when creating his collages, which are subsequently transferred to photographs. In Blue Suspense, he returns to the nocturnal and immense forest, now, however, in a work entirely based on Disney’s version of Alice in Wonderland

Artist biography Per Wizén

Per Wizén lives and works in Malmö. He was educated at Art Academy Malmö.