Porträttbild Dahn Vo

Meet the Artist: Danh Vo

Meet the artist Danh Vo in a conversation on the role of art in urban development.

In the encounter with artist Danh Vo, the audience is provided with a unique opportunity to listen to Danh Vo’s ideas on the role of art in the construction and development of our cities. What happens when artists and architects collaborate and how can art reactivate ancient layers of history and craftsmanship while planning tomorrow’s society?

Starting out from his practice and the ongoing artwork Tongue and Groove for the new Gothenburg Central Station, Vo talks about art as infrastructure and his artistic working processes.

Tongue and Groove

In 2016, Danh Vo won the competition to create an artistic intervention for the new Gothenburg Central Station. The proposal, Tongue and Groove, has given Danh Vo, in close collaboration with Kanozi Arkitekter, the opportunity to develop art at an early planning stage, ensuring that artistic ideas and architectural details can be integrated seamlessly. The project links the people who constructed the 17th-century city wall with those who are building the new station. The project will be ongoing for almost a decade and is expected to be completed in 2026.

Born in Bà Ria, Vietnam in 1975, internationally acclaimed Danish-Vietnamese artist Danh Vo lives and works in Berlin and Mexico City.

The programme series “Meet the Artist invites the public to get to know artists that Public Art Agency Sweden collaborates with. The talks deal with the artistic process and provide an opportunity to meet artists in intimate conversations on art and what it means for our shared spaces.

Public Art Agency Sweden welcomes you to meet artists who are represented in the Swedish state’s art collection, works that have been specifically developed for certain locations and artists who are working on ongoing projects or recently completed works, as well as reflecting on collaborations that are part of urban transformations, the creation of parks and other places where we meet, travel, work or study.

Part of Public Art Agency Sweden’s public programme, “Meet the Artist” will be a regular feature at Skeppsholmen.