Inauguration of: Out of the sky, into the earth

Welcome to the inauguration of: Out of the sky, into the earth on August 27.

Out of the sky, into the earth is a public art project in three acts, taking place in Visby and its surroundings. It presents a living sculpture, an AR experience and an exhibition, triggering thoughts about life, care and co-existence on a damaged planet.

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Date: 27 augusti–11 september 2022
Place: Gotlands Konstmuseum, Visby
Time: 12:00–14.00

About the project Out of the sky, into the earth

The project presents two newly commissioned artworks. The Swamp Observatory by Urbonas Studio is an Augmented Reality experience to be accessed on mobile devices and online, where the future reality of the Visborg fields is enriched with imaginary, yet unknown species that have been created together with pupils from the Athene school. Brakfesten/La Grande Bouffe, by Anne Duk Hee Jordan and Pauline Doutreluingne is an artwork in two parts, a living sculpture in Södra Hällarna nature reserve, where elm trees are threatened by the elm tree disease, and a film. The sculpture is made of debarked elm trees that are brought back to slowly decompose in their place of origin, becoming a festive banquet for insects, beetles, birds and other organisms. It is these small and invisible inhabitants of the area that we get to meet and follow in their dealings as the main protagonists of the film presented in the exhibition.

Making use of pedagogy, playfulness and imagination, the artists address our broken relationship to the earth and to all the non-human-people that we share it with. Their works inspire us to rediscover the joy and curiosity in engaging with the living world to which we belong.

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Out of the sky, into the earth is commissioned by Public Art Agency Sweden in collaboration with Baltic Art Center.