Sneddade gula sträck

Beware of the Art!

The exhibition Beware of the Art! poses questions about how time and place are affecting the way we experience art. The exhibition brings together artworks from the Public Art Agency Sweden’s collection. These artworks have touched or unsettled the public over the years. What do these reactions say about our times and about us, who experience the art?


Annika Johansson, Björn Sjöstedt, Blue Falkholt, Britt Hillbom, Carl Magnus, Cecilia Parsberg, Esaias Thorén, Eva Mossing Larsen, Eva Nyberg, Gösta Grähs, Hans Hamngren, Håkan Nyberg, Ignacio Alonso, Johan Zetterquist, Jonas Kjellgren, Mamma Andersson, Kristina Eriksson, Lenny Clarhäll, Lennart Mörk, Maria Sundström, Marie Simonsen, Mats Nilsson, Merete Herrström, Patrik Qvist, Peter Dahl, Pär Broman, Ragnar Sandberg, Roj Friberg, Rune Hagman, Signe Johannessen, Sven Ljungberg, Sven Lundqvist, Tom Krestesen, Tor Söderin.

Practical Information

When: March 19th – August 27th
Opening: March 19th at 17.30–20.00. Opening speech at 18.00
Where: Public Art Agency Sweden, Svensksundsvägen 11A, Stockholm
Opening hours: Tuesdays at 16.00–19.00 during the spring, the exact dates will be announced shortly at the calendar page.