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Fragment ur Välkommaskolan

At Välkommaskolan in Malmberget, art is linked to a local landscape and a land rupturing as a consequence of the mining industry. The school has already been evacuated and is to be demolished soon after the end of the exhibition. In the audio drama Fragment ur Välkommaskolan, we hear the voices of two women speak about the way humans act toward nature and other people.


An audio play for two voices

The one:
What happened here?

The other:

The one:

The other:
A lot has happened here

Fragment ur Välkommaskolan is a play for two female voices. They are speaking about a school that is being demolished and a lake where you have to remain quiet out of respect. Their conversation revolves around questions about what humans do to the earth and to each other.

About Linnea Axelsson

Linnea Axelsson (b. 1980, Porjus) is a poet, novelist and art historian based in Stockholm.

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Malmberget, Sverige