Measurement of Time

Artist: jens henricson Tags: Permanent konst Ort:

Vascular bundles, tissue and stomata appear in the small sample. A tiny cross section of a fir tree, measuring less than a centimetre, is on display in the foyer. On the glazed façade outside, it has been magnified some 6,000 times.

Printed on the glazed façade the motif can be seen both from inside and outside. From the outside the motif appears in its entirety on the 17 x 8 metre large glazed façade. From the inside the viewer has the opportunity to get up close and study the motif. The high resolution of the print makes visible the details in the pine tree’s cells, marrow and kernel.

The foyer also contains the original sample displayed on a 75 x 26 mm glass tray in a glass display case. Close contact with the small sample of the inside of a pine tree reinforces the viewer’s understanding of the nature of the subject. The contrasts in the proportions also highlight the relationship between the large and the small, a microscopic zoom that simultaneously embraces the entire building.

By magnifying the pine tree, the artist wants to awaken ideas of origin, of our place in the world and the relationship of the large to the small – general values that are important in the field of police training. The pine tree’s connection to the neighbouring Umeå Plant Science Center (UPSC) and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) also reflects the interdisciplinary ambition of the police training.

The artistic intervention Measurement of Time is commissioned by Akademiska Hus and Swedish Public Art Agency, owned and managed by Akademiska Hus and integrated in the glazed façade of the Police Education Building at Umeå University.