Come As You Are!

Astrid Göransson has created an artwork commemorating the centenary of democracy in Sweden (2021). Come As You Are! is a contemporary monument portraying the first five women Members of the Swedish Parliament and connects them with those who come afterwards.

Located at Riksplan square in Stockholm, the project is a collaboration between the Swedish Parliament and Public Art Agency Sweden.

Come As You Are! comprises three parts

The path of mosaic paving stones that extends from Riksplan square to the steps of the Swedish Parliament building.

The sculpture of patinated bronze portraying the first five women in the Swedish Parliament: Kerstin Hesselgren, Elisabeth Tamm, Nelly Thüring, Bertha Wellin and Agda Östlund. The five pioneers are carried by two young contemporary women to demonstrate that the struggle for democracy and equality continues today and into the future. The work connects the pioneers with future generations.

The book Rundor (Shifts) is a collaboration with the cleaners, security guards and other employees at the Swedish Parliament. In drawings, they have described their daily shifts. The book shows how the labour of these people creates the conditions for the work of the Members of Parliament and for democracy.

Web TV: Democracy’s Avenue of Memories

The Swedish Parliament’s Democracy Centenary Secretariat held a seminar in conjunction with the inauguration of the artwork Come As You Are! on 15 June 2022.

Contents: Panel discussion on the Five First Women; interview with artist Astrid Göransson on the artwork Come As You Are! and the panel discussion Memorials and Democracy.

Open seminar: Democracy’s Avenue of Memories

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Riksplan, Stockholm, Sverige