Gravitational Ripples

Konstnär: lea porsager Kategorier: permanent art Permanent konst

Gravitational Ripples is inspired by a cosmic phenomenon know as gravitational waves, predicted by Einstein as early as in 1916, but first measured by scientists in 2016. Gravitational waves arise when two celestial bodies orbit each other, spinning closer and closer together, unleashing energy so powerful that it creates ripples in spacetime itself. The memorial conveys this all-encompassing, pulsating movement of the universe. It is a meditation on the boundless forces of the universe, a reminder of the cosmic disruptions that bind and unite us.

The memorial is a site-specific formation that merges with the landscape and its surroundings. It invites visitors to find their own paths, places and experiences and offers spaces for both solitude and collective gatherings or ceremonies.

The work consists of a double spiral that is made by adding soil to the site, creating ramparts that rise above the ground like ripples. Glazed by purple plants, the work becomes a double spiral jetty that moves in on itself, reminiscent of Fibonacci spirals — galaxies, snail houses and sunflowers.

The double spiral ripples outwards, moved by a gravitational pull towards its centre. Several openings in the ripples, supported by steel, create pathways and passages which provide insights and access, both to the centre and to more distant places for privacy.

At the centre of the Memorial, there are two sculptures. One large oval form with the engraved names of those deceased in the tsunami, and a smaller one with an overview of the Memorial. The centre also provides space for visitors to leave candles and flowers.

– Lea Porsager in cooperation with colleagues Rasmus Strange Thue Tobiasen, Søren Assenholt and Synnøve B. Brøgger

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