Diamond People

Artist: sara jordenö Tags: temporary art

Jordenös latest film Kiki, which portrays the ballroom subculture by LGBTQ people of colour in New York City, has received praise around the world. Now, the artist has returned to document her hometown of Robertsfors in the north of Sweden, a community where life changed for everyone when the synthetic diamond factory suddenly closed down.

In 2015, the decision was announced to close the diamond factory, the largest employer in Robertsfors. Its closure was hardly unique. The transformation of Swedish industrial society is one of the most comprehensive social changes of our time. It is at the same time possibly the most invisible. When the media does report on it, which is not often, they focus on statistics: productivity, forms of support, number of employees.

Sara Jordenö, however, wanted to understand the people. She invites the residents of Robertsfors to tell about their own lives, about how not only their work situations were transformed, but also their feelings of community, security, identity… What happens to the individual and what happens in our societies when the whole concept of work changes?


Industrial Society in Transition

Sara Jordenö’s artwork is the third part of Public Art Agency Sweden’s series entitled Industrial Society in Transition with curator Lisa Rosendahl. Earlier works in the series were created by artists Alexandra Pirici and Annika Eriksson and have been exhibited in Gothenburg, Grängesberg, Stockholm, and Malmö.