A Tree Reflected (Malus sylvestris)

Artist: henrik håkansson Tags: Permanent art

A seven-metre tall mirror construction encircles a tree. In time, the crab apple will grow larger and the branches will meander along the glass and eventually merge with the strict framework.

The artwork stands among stately oaks at the Botanical institution in the university area of Frescati on the island of Djurgården in Stockholm. In the nearby buildings, students are learning about botany, the doctrine of the plant kingdom, which is reflected in Henrik Håkansson’s multifaceted work A Tree Reflected (Malus sylvestris).

The tall glass construction circles the trunk of the crab apple tree and extends in four directions. The glass is laminated and partly transparent, partly reflective, depending on the position of the viewer and the time of day and weather conditions. The yellow autumn leaves and the apple bloom will appear in different layers through the reflections of the glass. In time the tree will merge with the walls.

Measuring 7 x 7 metres, this gigantic work creates an interesting interplay with the surrounding park and the large oaks. It also displays consideration for the fauna; the thin, horizontal lines along the glass prevent small birds from colliding with it.