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Public Art Agency Sweden follows the decisions of the Swedish government and recommendations of the Public Health Agency to limit the transmission of the coronavirus and COVID-19 in society.

Specific changes that affect Public Art Agency Sweden’s activities will be updated regularly and published below:

  • Purchases of work from individual artists and galleries will continue but will be based on digital presentations. “Showings” can also be conducted through digital tools, such as Teams and Skype.
  • Public Art Agency Sweden is aware that there may be changes to projects currently underway or activities with external parties and we have the utmost understanding for this.
  • Public Art Agency Sweden is redirecting seminars/conferences to digital forums or postponing them to future dates. See our Calendar for the latest updates.
  • We are cancelling our participation in all events and programmes produced by other organisations if they require physical meetings.
  • The staff of Public Art Agency Sweden are available by email and phone, but will be working remotely for as long as the Public Health Agency recommends it.
  • Meetings with staff members of Public Art Agency Sweden are to occur digitally, as much as possible.
  • The office is closed to the public.
  • The staff of Public Art Agency Sweden will not make any trips, within Sweden or internationally, until further notice.

General enquiries and questions to Public Art Agency is welcomed at: