En gräsmatta som en långsmal grop har grävts i.

Radio Woven Songs

In collaboration with Luleåbiennalen 2020, we present Radio Woven Songs, part of Radio 65.22 and the Luleåbiennale’s digital closing weekend. Follow one of Sweden’s biggest art events online through artist talks, music and sound art during a two-day radio show.

Radio Woven Songs are a series of radio programs that take us on a journey through the project. In interviews, sound works and acoustic interventions, we get to explore stories and places, and the power relations that have marked them. We turn an ear to the ground and listen to the rumbles, traumas and songs that are brought to life therein.

On the 13th and 14th of February at 15.00 –18.00, Luleåbiennal will broadcast live digitally here.

In this weekend’s program we shall hear the social anthropologist Jannete Hentati read her essay Messaure and the artist Hanna Ljungh talk about her artwork Seismic event. We will listen to artist Maria W Horn’s acclaimed commission The White Dove’s lament, the new sound work Modern magi by the artist and musician Isak Sundström, and to a talk between artist Kapwani Kiwanga and curator Edi Muka. Last but not least, we hear curator and theorist María Iñigo Clavo reflecting on the exhibition Woven Songs, speaking about traces, signs and symptoms of the untranslatable.

Luleåbiennalen’s curators Karin Bähler LavérEmily Fahlén and Asrin Haidari will lead this weekend’s radio show.