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We Change Each Other

Welcome to Public Art Agency Sweden’s Open House, titled We Change Each Other, on Thursday 9 January, where we will highlight several of last year’s exciting collaborations from throughout Sweden.

Visit our exhibition of newly acquired works, documentation and publications. Come mingle with us and attend the conversations with invited guests. In collaboration with artists, curators, urban planners, municipalities, property owners and many more, we have developed public art projects in a variety of contexts where we have changed each other. The title We Change Each Other refers to artist Shilpa Gupta’s eponymous work that was presented in the exhibition Choreographies of the Social in Stockholm in August 2019.

PROGRAMME 17.00–20.30
Visit our exhibition that sums up the year with images, films and new works.

– Welcome by the evening’s hosts, Alba Baeza and Elena Jarl.
Henrik Orrje, Head of Administration and Acting Director of Public Art Agency Sweden, sums up the year.
Hanna Ljungh, artist, and Anders Olofsson, Collection and Acquisitions Administrator at Public Art Agency Sweden, discuss the acquisition of Curiosity Cabinet and the art collection.
Joanna Zawieja, architect, Urban Development Projects at Public Art Agency Sweden, talks about the Art is Happening (Konst händer) series, presenting three completed projects and a publication.

Åsa Mårtensson, project manager, Knowledge Hub Public Art at Public Art Agency Sweden and Annika Wik, methodological researcher and film scholar, talk about methodological development and their experiences of working with Knowledge Hub Public Art.
Ruben Wätte, artist, and Andreas Roth, curator, Art in Urban Development at Public Art Agency Sweden present a urban development project in Örebro that focuses on playground environments.
Malin Holgersson, artist, in conversation with Elena Jarl, assistant curator at Public Art Agency Sweden, on the headphone performance Vi är den här platsen eller tillståndet (We are this place or this condition), one of the local projects within Knowledge Hub Public Art.
Håkan Nilsson, Professor of Art History, the School of Culture and Education, Södertörn University and Rebecka Katz Thor, editor, Publications and Research at Public Art Agency Sweden, talk about ongoing commissioned research on public art.

Katarina Pirak Sikku, artist, talks about the work Vájaldibme – Vandring at the Mid Sweden University Campus in Östersund with Kristina Möster Nilsson, curator at Public Art Agency Sweden.
– Peter Hagdahl, curator at Public Art Agency Sweden, presents the experimental project Mind Over Matter.
Meriç Algün, artist, and Lotta Mossum, curator at Public Art Agency Sweden, present “The Orchard of Resistance” at Humanisten, the University of Gothenburg.
Mariana Alves Silva and Katarina Bonnevier from the Art and Architecture group MYCKET and Edi Muka, curator at Public Art Agency Sweden bring the evening to a close with present KÄMPAOKE, part of the art project Choreographies of the Social.

– KÄMPAOKE with Anna Märta E Danielsson and Ullis Ohlgren from the Art and Architecture group MYCKET.

Moderators and hosts: Alba Baeza and Elena Jarl, curators of Open House and assistant curators at Public Art Agency Sweden.