VÅLDETS EKOLOGI/RANTAN EKOLOGIJE/ECOLOGY OF VIOLENCE invites you to take part in performances, the series of talks “mellan stolarna/stovli gaskem/inbetween” and the Busstorget magazine #2 fanzine workshop.


is a full-day public programme and part of IntraGalactic arts collective’s work with Östersund bus station and Länstrafiken Jämtland. The project departs from performance as an art-form which investigates the
role of art in public spaces. It is organised within Public Arts Agency Sweden’s initiative “Lokala konstprojekt” (Kunskapsnav offentlig konst).

The programme takes place during the project’s Research Week #2 with artists Alicja Rogalska, Hiroko Tsuchimoto, Malin Ståhl and Anita Wernström. VÅLDETS EKOLOGI/RANTAN EKOLOGIJE/ECOLOGY OF VIOLENCE VIOLENCE invites you to take part in performances by the artists, the series of talks mellan stolarna/stovli gaskem/inbetween and Busstorget magazine #2 fanzine workshop.
The programme is held on the bus station in Östersund.


The performances are free and welcomes everyone.

Collective action: Melancholy (Saturday)
9.00–11.00 Departs from Busstorget. Gather for departure at 09 from gate 10.
Hiroko Tsuchimoto
Participate in the collective action Melancholy (Saturday).
We travel together by bus to collect sticks in a forest. The artist proposes the collection of sticks as a non-productive activity, the melancholy, for individuals to recover, survive, cope and flourish beyond power structures.

Collective action: I leave my shoes at the door
Ongoing throughout the day.
Malin Ståhl
Taking one’s shoes off at the door is a habit that relates to the home. What happens to a place like Busstorget when its visitors take their shoes off at the door? Welcome to participate in this collective action and leave your shoes on one of the door mats placed
at the Busstorget entrances.

Jag vill gå över platsen som om jag bär matkassar
Återkommande under dagen.
Performance av konstnären Anita Wernström

Collective action: It’s not the bus we are waiting for
Gather at Länstrafiken’s information desk
Alicja Rogalska
Explore waiting and reflect on specific issues on the personal, local and global scale. There is no need to prepare anything, you will be given clear instructions.

mellan stolarna/stovli gaskem/inbetween
The artists in conversation with an invited guest. The conversations take place in Swedish and English with a summary in South Sámi by Patricia Fjellgren.

What would you like me to do for you?
Guest: Anna Gredander, youth deacon in the Swedish church
Busstorget belongs to everyone but still to no one. It almost has a life of its own. What is ability to change? Which paths do we choose?

To be bereaved of a language
Guest: Tomas Colbengtsson, South Sámi artist and Patricia Fjellgren
What happens when language is taken from you? Departing in Faamoe, the first artist monography in South Sámi, Tomas talks about language and identity.

Performance as public art
Gäst: Andreas Roth, curator Public Art Agency Sweden
Andreas Roth talks about how performance as an art-form can take place and play a role in public space.

The body as archive– on site reactions
Reflections and a summary of the day. What can one bring from a performance, what does it mean to oneself be the bearer of experience.

BTB – Busstorget-bladet #2
Drop-in-workshop: write and make a fanzine with journalist Malin Palmqvist. Busstorget-bladet is our own fanzine where your thoughts can be manifested. The theme for the second edition is “the Future”.
Release of BTB #2. Translation to South Sámi by Patricia Fjellgren.

IntraGalactic arts collective

IntraGalactic arts collective is an artist run initiative affiliated with Sveriges konstföreningar. The collective started in 2014 and operates within the visual arts working from satellites in Stockholm, Vingåker and Östersund. IntraGalactic arts collective are interested in art production and works with a focus on meetings and dialogue. We organise residencies, exhibitions, workshops, a performance lab, seminars and symposia, talks and reading circles. Within these fora we create space for peer-to-peer exchange focusing on processes and the ‘unfinished’. To meet and exchange with an audience is important, and our various programmes usually have a closing event open to the public..

Lokala konstprojekt

The county of Jämtland is unique in Sweden, both in its geographical scale and in that it has only one town, situated in the middle of the county. This makes the coach travel center in Östersund (Busstorget) the key transport hub from which local commuting and communication departs and arrives. The travel centre can be seen as the heart of the county. It is on one hand a place where travelers pass through, but also a place of exposure where young travelers might feel vulnerable.
By using performance as an artistic research method IntraGalactic arts collective aim at looking at the social situation and peoples relationship to a place defined by its transience. They see a strength and potential in performance as a visual arts form through which they can work person-to-person, in a here and now situation.
If we think of the coach travel center as the heart of the county and the coach lines as a mycel keeping the rural areas in connection with its county town, it is people who fill these places with life.