Recording of Television Without Frontiers i en TV-studio i Göteborg.

Television Without Frontiers by Andjeas Ejiksson

Welcome to the Luleå screening of Andjeas Ejiksson’s work Television Without Frontiers. The screening will be preceded by a panel discussion entitled Common grounds? – Europe at a distance.

13.00–14.00 Panel discussion: Common grounds? – Europe at a distance
14.00–14.30 Break and refreshments
14.30–16.00 Film screening of Television Without Frontiers

Television Without Frontiers is un unusual art project by artist Andjeas Ejiksson. In the form of a televised documentary performance, commissioned by Public Art Agency Sweden, the work explores political ideas of Europe and the importance of television, particularly public service, in creating common ground.

The screening will be preceded by a panel discussion entitled Common grounds? – Europe at a distanceTelevision Without Frontiers takes its point of departure in the 1982 Eurikon project that attempted to explore the possibilities and obstacles of creating a public service network for Europe and the Mediterranean area. While Eurikon intended to establish a platform for a transnational publicness, Television Without Frontiers raises issues about the potential significance of such a project today. How would it reflect our contemporary age?

Against this background, the discussion preceding the screening will focus on the intersection between the transnational and the local. The Eurikon project was intended to reach beyond the borders of a nationally delimited media landscape towards a European context. Our contemporary media reality, however, is far removed from such a world view. From the position of its geographic periphery, how would such a common ground manifest itself? And what does such a common ground mean in regard to the political and technological conditions and in relation to citizens and consumers and to various forms of social and political formations?

Participants: Andjeas Ejiksson, artist, author and editor, Kerstin Wixe, retired culture journalist who worked for Sveriges Radio in Luleå from the 1970s until last year, with a special focus on literature. Po Tidholm, journalist and author.
Moderator: Katarina Sahlin, journalist and media producer.