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Two New Procurements for Public Artworks in Gothenburg

An open call for artists to apply for two new procurements to create artistic interventions at the University of Gothenburg. The procurements are in process throughout spring 2020 in collaboration with Akademiska Hus.

For the commission of a new artistic intervention at the Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law, entitled (Om)kopplingar/(Re)connections, two or three artists will be selected to produce a sketch proposal. One artist will be chosen to realise the final commission. The application will be open until 24 May. Located at the corner of Vasagatan and Haga Kyrkogata streets, the new extension at the Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law is designed by Johannes Norlander Arkitektur.

The second commission, Främlingarnas intimitet/The Intimacy of Strangers, is also for the University of Gothenburg, in this case at Medicinareberget campus. Three artistic projects will be incorporated into a new building designed by Kanozi Arkitekter, entitled Naturvetenskap Life, which will house Life Science-related research and teaching. The application will be open from 4 May to 2 June.

Both commissions are part of the cooperation agreement reached by Public Art Agency Sweden and Akademiska Hus in 2019. The idea of the cooperation agreement is to introduce artistic interventions at an early stage of planning and building processes. Added value is generated when architects, artists and planners work together from the beginning of a building process.

“The present Corona crisis has had an immediate impact on our society. We have yet to see the full extent of the economic fallout. It will be interesting to see how an artistic intervention can connect the activities at the Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law, its architecture and the artist’s perspective,” curator Lotta Mossum comments.

“At Natrium, the curatorial vision is focused on the complex relationships between environment, life forms and matter. It is a highly topical issue and it will be exciting to see how artists will contribute to it,” curator Alba Baeza says.

“By involving artists and curators from the beginning we open up for unexpected approaches and solutions on how to design these environments. The addition of art to the campus will inspire the users to explore new perspectives and thoughts,” explains Catarina Fritz, Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Akademiska Hus.

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