What is public art?

Public art encompasses all expressions of contemporary art which relates to public space. The last decade public art has evolved from objects to also operate on relational and conceptual levels. At the same time art has become part of urban development projects, where the artists contribute to a larger process in collaboration with other disciplines. In the last years the Art Agency has developed freer formats, such as temporary projects and urban development. We continuously also produce permanent art for new buildings that will be used for governmental purposes and art collections for public spaces.

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Independent, uncomfortable art in Jordbro: “Just as art should be”

“The Cultural Centre right in front of your nose” is a collaboration between British muf architecture/art and local associations from the Jordbro Cultural Centre, as part of the Public Art Agency Sweden’s initiative Art is Happening.

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Amund Sjølie Sveen’s performance NORDTING will be shown for the first time in Sweden at Samtidskonstdagarna

During Samtidskonstdagarna (Contemporary Art Days) in Boden on the 14-16th of November 2018, a Swedish audience will see the performance NORDTING/The Northern Assembly for the first time. NORDTING/The Northern Assembly is a performance work by the Norwegian artist Amund Sjølie Sveen.

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