Artist: mia e göransson Tags: Permanent art


Cecilia Hjelm

On one of the façade sections at The Naval Museum’s in Karlskrona new submarine hall, there is a work by Mia E. Göransson. The façade collageWonders has connections with the marine environment that surrounds it and makes an impression both visually and tactilely.Even from a distance, discerns shifts in colour, surface differences, and formations of shadows on the façade. The closer one gets, the more the desire grows to take in and touch and feel the reliefs cast in bronze which are mounted on a wall of Ekeberg marble.Seagrass on a stone. A brittle bunch of seaweed twigs. A foghorn that gives notice or is listening. Mia E. Göransson’s work Wonders, with objects in contrasting scales, has connections to submarines, the underwater world, and the place itself. Here, the mechanical components constitute a contrast to organic submerged plants.The work is placed on the façade of the new museum building in sheet metal which houses the submarine Neptune. In both form and colour, the building is inspired by the warship Visby camouflaged in two-tone grey.– There is a certain mystique that surrounds U-boats, and this became one of the fundamental starting points of Wonders, explains Mia E. Göransson.The artist Mia E. Göransson describes her first visit to The Naval Museum as a double-edged experience, as this is a museum where both the objects and the constructed environments indeed depicts war, but at the same time it radiates ingenuity and inventiveness, great craftsmanship, as well as careful attention to aesthetic values.– I am ignorant in this area and actually it felt like an advantage in this particular instance. When I stepped into the museum, I was confronted by a number of objects whose function I hadn’t the slightest clue about. This provided me with the opportunity to actually see the objects unconditionally, without any preconceived notions, and to be able to speculate and engage in free association, relates Mia E. Göransson.

– In my interpretation and creation of the wall surface, I made a collage of forms that associates to the contents in the museum. It refers to ships, warships and submarines, machines and technology – but also to the activities and the environment under the water’s surface.

In order that the forms of the objects would be able to hold their own against their background, Mia E. Göransson chose to work with graphic black and very dark black/brown tones – they additionally corresponded to the sensations sounding the submarine Neptune. The decision to cast the objects in bronze (which is, according to the artist, a solid and status filled material) was also a conscious choice – something that she could utilise to highlight contrasts between the mechanical and sensuousness.

– The original museum building has clear links to the 1700s building on the square in Karlskrona that houses the Town Hall. The inspiration from ancient times can be seen throughout the city, and this is something that also affected my design of Wonders, remarks Mia E. Göransson.

Annica Kvint