What we want

Artist: pärra andreasson Tags: Permanent art


Monika Larsen

Dennis/Statens Konstråd

Pärra Andreasson (konstnärlig ledare), Blue, Kaos, Mickey, Amara, Pani, Clean, Jestr, Pippi, Rolf.C.W., Ligisd, Artista, Tasso, 3 Girlz, Lisa, Grinaid, Taki, Jame, Fröja, Warsawa, Bates, Skil, Julia (elev Söndrumsskolan)

Known by his alias Ruskig (Spooky), Pärra Andreasson is one of the true pioneers of the Swedish graffiti scene, and his entire oeuvre has been devoted to finding an accessible and socially aware expression – both within the limitations of the white cube and beyond. With the gigantic collage What We Want, which spreads across 180 square metres of locker doors at Söndrumsskolan in Halmstad he may have found the ultimate way of presenting his poetic message. Portraits of people, flying elephants, sprawling letters, sea turtles, puffins out fishing, dramatic skies, naïvist space ships, chubby masks, a cheerful cow that fades into a dystopian landscape, a familiar skyline and a sad fox. A fairly extensive repertoire of motifs, especially since they all figure in one and the same work, and this is only a sample of everything that appears in the intense visual storm that Pärra Andreasson brewed together with some 20 invited graffiti painters, both male and female, from different parts of the world.  Each painter’s individual style has been added to the wild, yet surprisingly consistent, totality that easily encompasses realism, fantasy, hard, soft, jagged, billowing, restrained, exuberant and rampant elements. Encounters is a recurring theme in Pärra Andreasson’s art, and a key ingredient in this collective monumental painting. What We Want is a study in teamwork and obviously led to encounters between the participating artists, and the pupils in school years 6 – 9 who will interact with the painting. The myriad of subject matter and styles offers the young, growing audience, who will be taking a big step towards becoming adults during their years with the work, a wide variety of potential perspectives and possible interpretations. What We Want can also be seen as a three-stage rocket of references. First, the work refers to the history of graffiti and street art, where imagery has tangibly been interbreeding. Secondly, to traditional art history in general. And lastly, to the enormous and ever-growing image bank that is built into our shared collective conscious. Sebastian Johans


HALMSTAD Augusti 19 2013. Inauguration of the big, 180 square meters, graffiti piece at Söndrumsskolan in Halmstad.

Work In Progress

HALMSTAD Summer of 2013. What We Want (Vad Vi Vill) is coming to life.