Chronotopia: Centralen and Olskroken

Artists shape underground spaces and skyline for one of Gothenburg’s largest construction project ever.

Winning proposals

The two winning proposals for Chronotopia: Centralen and Olskroken – the first international competition for artistic design of the West Link have been selected by the jury: Danh Vō’s Tongue and Groove and Katharina Grosse’s bLINK. Artist Rosa Barba is the second price winner for both areas with idea proposal Spatial Lighthouse.

More about the proposals and artists:

Tongue And Groove

Jury Statement

The first winners
bLINK presents a unique and independent expression that connects time, space and action. The artistic proposal focuses on movement in the area and provides something unexpected to the landscape.

Tongue and Groove presents a well-defined idea that can permeate Station Centralen in a unique manner. The artistic proposal conveys an awareness of scale that enables a transition from an intimate embodied comprehension to a large scale understanding of the entire facility.

The second winner
Spatial Lighthouse is a well-founded and elaborate proposal that shows a clear grasp of the station’s spatial scale and presents an interesting relationship between the outside and the inside.

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5 ideas proposed

The international art contest Chronotopia: Central and Olskroken was launched in March 2016. Five idea proposals were on display, three for Centralen and two for Olskroken.

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Competition jury

The jury consists of the following:

  • Magdalena Malm, Director, Public Art Agency Sweden (chair)
  • Annika von Hausswolff, Artist
  • Richard Julin, Deputy Director, Chief Curator, Magasin III
  • Jenny Karlsson, Sub-Project Manager Olskroken, Swedish Transport Administration
  • Bo Larsson, Project Director, project West Link and Olskroken, Swedish Transport Administration
  • Mikael Larsson, Sub-Project Manager, Station Centralen, Swedish Transport Administration
  • Johny Lindeberg, Architect SAR/MSA, responsible for design Swedish Transport Administration project West Link and Olskroken
  • Lotta Mossum, Curator, Public Art Agency Sweden
  • Andreas Roth, Project co-ordinator, Göteborg konst
  • Richard Sangwill, Director, The Department of Public Art in Region Västra Götaland


  • Announcement with invitation to enter the competition: 2016-03-21
  • Final date for questions to the organizers: 2016-04-20
  • Final day for publishing the answers on the web site: 2016-04-22
  • Final date for submission of notifications of interest: 2016-04-27, (latest 24.00 h, local time Sweden)
  • Notification of all those selected to participate in the competition: beginning of June 2016
  • Publication of competition programme: beginning of June 2016
  • Final submission of competition proposals: 2016-10-31
  • Jury’s decision: c. 2017-01-15
  • Swedish Transport Administration and Public Art Agency Sweden confirm the decision.
  • Swedish Transport Administration signs contract with the artist: c. 2017-01-31


The selection process was made in several stages. Read more about the selection criteria here.

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Artistic vision

The competition offers a unique opportunity for artists to engage at an early stage of the planning, and to collaborate alongside architects and constructors in giving shape to key design issues. The artistic programme is divided in several competitions, all under the umbrella notion of Chronotopia.

Confidentiality is important!

Up until the competition is decided and a contract signed with the artists who are to implement the artistic designs for Chronotopia: Centralen and Olskroken, details of who has submitted notifications of interest and who has participated in the competition are to be kept secret from everyone but the organizers and the jury. The reason for this is that the LUF stipulates that confidentiality and anonymity of bids are to apply until the competition is concluded. If a participant in the competition breaches anonymity, this can lead to their being disqualified. NB! You should also not inform anyone else that you have submitted a notification of interest, nor if you have been selected to participate in the competition.

About the organizers

The Swedish Transport Administration will be the commissioning body and developer for the artistic designs and be responsible for planning and implementation of the project in its entirety. Public Art Agency Sweden will lead the project producing the artistic designs, and is the expert body on art in public space, as well as conducting quality assurance on the artistic installations during the implementation stage.

Competition 1

Kronotopia: Centralen och Olskroken

The scope of this competition is the Central Station and the area of Olskroken. The artists are entering the project when the new station spaces at Centralen and the railway line and bridges at Olskroken are still at the planning stage.

Competition 2

Kronotopia: Haga och Korsvägen

An international competition about artistic design of stations Haga and Korsvägen. Artists were invited to submit artistic proposals at a time when the facilities were still at the stage of planning.


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