About Goldin and Senneby

Goldin+Senneby is a duo formed by artists Simon Goldin and Jakob Senneby, who have been collaborating since 2004. In their practice, they explore juridical, financial and spatial constructs, which they address through the framework of the performative and the virtual.

One of their longer projects is Headless (2007-2015), which approaches the sphere of offshore finance, and its production of virtual space through legal code. Looking at strategies of withdrawal and secrecy, they trace an offshore company on the Bahamas called Headless Ltd., while a detective novel narrates their investigations. Since 2010 they have worked on The Nordenskiöld Model, a research project staged as a theatre in which they attempt to re-enact the anarcho-alchemical scheme of 18th century alchemist August Nordenskiöld on the financial markets of today.

Goldin+Senneby have had solo exhibitions at Tensta konsthall (2016) and Index (2009), both in Stockholm, as well as in other venues across the world, such as Artspace NZ (Auckland, 2013), Kadist (Paris, 2010) and The Power Plant (Toronto, 2008). Their work has also been presented in numerous group shows, such as the 11th Gwangju Biennial (2016), the 13th Istanbul Biennial (2013), Manifesta 9 (2012) or the 28th Bienal de São Paulo (2008).

Eternal Employment is a part of the West Link: Chronotopia

Artists have an opportunity to participate in one of the largest construction projects ever in Gothenburg: the urban development project of the West Link and the infrastructure area of Olskroken.

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