West Link: Chronotopia

In Chronotopia artists get the opportunity to contribute to one of Gothenburg’s biggest-ever construction projects, the West Link and the infrastructure area at Olskroken.

A snake skeleton wanders throughout station Haga

Rainbow Snake evokes the ancient layers of time under our feet. The large scale of the snake reminds of evolution and of the discovery of a dinosaur skeleton at the time when the first train tunnels were being excavated, thus connecting with the history of train travel…

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Eternal employment at the city’s event-centre

Eternal Employment at Korsvägen station (Rubrik)
A changing room, a time clock and fluorescent lights above the platforms that are turned on whenever an employee is at work. Eternal Employment is a conceptual performance and an innovative proposal that expands the notion of what public art can be.

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Competition 1

Kronotopia: Centralen och Olskroken

The scope of this competition is the Central Station and the area of Olskroken. The artists are entering the project when the new station spaces at Centralen and the railway line and bridges at Olskroken are still at the planning stage.

Competition 2

Kronotopia: Haga och Korsvägen

An international competition about artistic design of stations Haga and Korsvägen. Artists were invited to submit artistic proposals at a time when the facilities were still at the stage of planning.