Walks from dusk´til dawn

Artist: nanna hänninen Tags: Permanent art


Joa Ljungberg

Walks from dusk ’til dawn is the largest photo­graphic work ever to have been presented in Swe­den. The artist has used veritably abstract, strongly atmospheric photographs to surround the entire reception building designed by the architect com­pany Ahrbom &Partner for the new entrance hall of the Government Offices in Stockholm. All in all, the walls and ceiling display some 200 square metres of photography; silicone-mounted behind glass and attached to the building structure.

Visitors who enter the building from Mäster Samuelsgatan encounter a monochrome blue photograph on the short side of the reception. The vibrant blue continues up across and along the ceiling, trans­forming into a sky or ocean that ends in a flash-like shape on the opposite short-side wall.

To the right of the building the photo changes character:the colours are toned down to a grey-scale and the lines are straighter and less organic. At first glance, the picture appears to be an abstract pat­tern, but a closer look reveals well-known architec­tonic elements and landmarks. To the left, the pic­ture divides into dense fields that appear shrouded in mist. Vague details suggest houses along a city street. It could be a momentary image perceived by a passerby deep in thought. An image of seeing when vision is absorbed by inner reflections?

Nanna Hänninen often bases her work on exist­ing cityscapes, in this case Stockholm. Using the light of these urban settings, she creates an abstract imagery that leads our thoughts to anything from nerves and sound waves to deep seas and atmos­pheric landscapes. With a large-format hand-held camera and extended exposure times, she lets the lens follow her own body movements while record­ing the pulsating city around her. The slightest trembling, breath or heartbeat is incorporated in the photo, along with the city’s frenzied flow of traf­fic and information. Subject and landscape merge in a common image.

Joa Ljungberg