Artist: fredrika linder Tags: Permanent art

The work W by Fredrika Linder consists of an interlinked system of transparent sculptural glass forms spanning three storeys. Each is connected to interactive LED lights that are motion sensitive. The people moving through the building will therefore influence the light and colours of the work.


Peter Hagdahl/Statens konstråd

Email 08-440 12 99

Fredrika Linder works with glass to make both art and craft. Her output includes glass lights. A recurring characteristic of her work is the alternation between total transparency and opacity. Linder often uses fusion – melding glass of different colours. In this way, she shapes sculptural volumes of varying translucence, colour and form.

Organic bodies resembling cells or aquatic plants feature frequently in Linder’s oeuvre. The sculpture W is based on the human body. Fredrika Linder has created a glass organism. Its curves refer to human body organs, where figures resembling the brain, stomach, liver and ovaries are linked by a vertical movement into an anatomic model. W describes the body as a system that connects thoughts on biological processes, emotions, blood circulation, life cycles and signal substances with materiality.

Peter Hagdahl


Örebro 2013. Fredrika Linder’s W at the entrance of Campus USÖ at Örebro University. Photos from the artist’s studio, mounting and lighting testing.