Katarina Pirak Sikku was born in 1965 in Jokkmokk, where she lives and works. She is a graduate of Umeå Academy of Fine Arts. A fine boundary between outside and inside, wild nature and architectural space characterises her art. Encompassing manifold materials and themes, Katarina Pirak Sikku’s wide-ranging art practice touches on both activism and aesthetic storytelling. In several projects she has explored artistic formulations related to the history of Swedish race biology. The exhibition Nammaláhpán at Bildmuseet in Umeå (2014), where Pirak Sikku formulated a narrative for the people reduced to numbers in 20th century racial documents, received much attention. During the winter, she primarily devotes herself to landscape painting and drawing. Vájaldibme is Katarina Pirak Sikku’s first permanent public artwork.