Artist: anna svensson Tags: Permanent art


Peter Lundström/Statens konstråd

After a challenging decade, crime has fallen and community spirit has improved in Södertälje.  The new police headquarters in Södertälje is a symbol of the long-term, sustainable strategies that the police and the municipality have arrived at together to enable a multicultural, safe town.

“That which was previously closed, excluding and secretive is to become open, inclusive and visible.

The aim is that Södertälje Police Headquarters should be a natural meeting place symbolising transparency and inclusive approaches, thereby creating legitimacy, security and stability.”

Patrik Ungsäter,

District police commissioner, Södertälje

With this objective, Anna Svensson has designed a 35-metre long work of art on the wall behind the glass front of the police HQ. The work, Together, consists of two- and three-dimensional painted forms that relate spatially to one another. The colours are bright and the contrasts enhanced with meticulously painted sharp patterns reminiscent of pinball machines and comic strip explosions.

The title of the work, Together, highlights issues of how we join forces to create meaning and context out of apparent chaos. Or could the relief also be interpreted as an excerpt from a visual information flow that has run amok and is bolting uncontrollably towards its own meltdown?

Peter Lundström, Curator Statens konstråd