The source is

Artist: torbjörn johansson Tags: Permanent art

The installation The Source Is by Torbjörn Johansson, which greets us on the entrance plaza to Campus USÖ, consists of four large, foliated glass sheets that move in interaction with the water of a fountain.  As the sheets slowly rotate, the foil fragments the incoming light into an ever-changing spectrum. Through the transparent, reflective glass, we see the surroundings in constantly new colours.


Peter Hagdahl/Statens konstråd

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The physical properties of colour are central to Torbjörn Johansson’s art. One example of this is his film projects, where he explores the inertia of paint by allowing it to drip. Over the years, Johansson has developed works where coloured foil on glass is used to create a play of coloured light.  He seeks to expand our experience of colour as material, medium and perception.  In this sense, Torbjörn Johansson’s oeuvre is in dialogue with the 1970s Light and Space Movement, helmed by artists such as James Turell and Robert Irwin, and more recently Olafur Eliasson.

The Source Is follows and amplifies nature’s own language. The fountain is programmed to spout water randomly, and this irregular activity influences the play of colours. Similarly, the sun’s path across the sky shifts with the changes in season and weather. Together, the parts create a unity, where time, light, materials, reflections, movement and flow combine into a multifaceted expression in perpetual flux.

Peter Hagdahl


ÖREBRO Spring 2013 – Winter 2013. The Source Is contains three pieces, källan(the source), rännilen (the runnel) and three sails. Photos from the transportation from Lidingö to Örebro, mounting and tests of the programming controlling the water.