Hässelby is located some 20 kilometres west of central Stockholm. The Council of United Creoles wants to create a new meeting place, an outdoor platform for culture, where they can relate their stories. They explore issues such as norm criticism and alienation.

Hässelby is part of the Hässelby-Vällingby district, comprising areas such as Hässelby strand, Hässelby gård and Hässelby villastad. Most of the multi-dwelling units in Hässelby gård were built in the mid 1950s. The underground station was completed in 1958.

The Council of United Creoles is a network that has emerged in recent years with the aim of overcoming colonial and racist thought patterns. They define Creole identity as a fusion of various traditional ethnic, religious and cultural identities.

Part of Art is Happening

Art is Happening was a government initiative that ran for three years, 2016–2018, and produced public art with a focus on the Million Programme housing areas, as part of the framework of the government commission Taking Place. Public Art Agency Sweden’s brief was to produce examples of what public art can be, develop methods for citizen participation and disseminate knowledge on the result of the initiative.

Hälsingegatan 45
113 31 Stockholm

Hudiksvallsgatan 2
113 30 Stockholm