Artist: meta isæus-berlin Tags: Permanent art Permanent konst

In the middle of the lively and loud street life outside the District Court building in Lund a fountain in the form of a made-up-bed in bronze is located. Immediately the viewer is transported to another world, tranquil and intimate, with murmuring water and warmth.

A pond outside the District Court building is the location for Meta Isæus-Berlin’s bronze installation Rening (Purification). Comprising a bed and a chair of bronze, the artwork is directly related to the copper façade of the District Court building. As one approaches one notices how the water ripples through the work and down into the pond. Based on human dimensions, the bed and the chair are in a natural scale. The bed is made up with a red patinated quilt and a white pillow, both in precisely formed bronze. In the winter the water will be replaced by warmth so that the ice and snow will melt.