Current events in Memorial for those affected by the Tsunami of 2004

In accordance with the commission of the government, the National Property Board Sweden and Public Art Agency Sweden have organized a competition for the artistic design of the memorial. The interest to participate was large and many applications were submitted. During the spring of 2016, the National Property Board and Public Art Agency, in cooperation with the jury, selected five contestant artists or artist groups. The five proposals were presented in January 2017 and April 3rd 2017, we announced the winning proposal. The winning proposal, Gravitational Ripples, came from the Danish artist Lea Porsager.

In spring 2017 the artist, Lea Porsager, and her coworkers, a landscape architect, a project leader from the Public Art Agency Sweden and Statens fastighetsverk, developed blueprints and and other materials to start creating the Memorial. Some preparing work was made during summer 2017. In autumn 2017 the contractors IT Underhåll and Stora skuggan entreprenad started creating the Memorials landscape walls shaped like a double spiral.

In spring 2018 the two sculptures placed in the centre of the Memorial, the oviforms, was created. The names of the deceased in the Tsunami of 2004 are engraved in the sculpture, for those whose relatives wishes so. In early June 2018 the Memorial will be opened in a ceremony for the relatives of the deceased. After that the Memorial will be closed for a period of time until the Memorial’s vegetation of grass and flowers is set. The Memorial will be opening for the public in late summer or early autumn of 2018.

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The idea proposal Gravitational Ripples by Danish artist Lea Porsager, has been selected as the winner by the jury.

Gravitational Ripples is inspired by a cosmic phenomenon know as gravitational waves, predicted by Einstein as early as in 1916, but first measured by scientists in 2016. Gravitational waves arise when two celestial bodies orbit each other, spinning closer and closer together, unleashing energy so powerful that it creates ripples in spacetime itself. The memorial conveys this all-encompassing, pulsating movement of the universe. It is a meditation on the boundless forces of the universe, a reminder of the cosmic disruptions that bind and unite us.

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After the competition

Immediately after the international art competition has ended, the winning artist will start to collaborate with a landscape architect appointed by the organizers.

Public Art Agency Sweden is the commissioner of the artist’s work, the project manager for the production of the artistic design, and responsible for expertise concerning art in the public space and for assessing the quality of the artistic design during the implementation phase.

SFV is the developer in charge of the memorial and is responsible for the planning and implementation of the Government’s assignment in its entirety.

Once the memorial is implemented, SFV will be responsible for its management and maintenance in cooperation with the Royal Djurgården Administration.

Interview with

Lea Porsager

Inclusion of names on the memorial

As part of the memorial, visitors should be able to find the names of the Swedish citizens who died in the tsunami. The relatives can decide if they want a deceased individual’s name to be featured in the memorial: only after their approval will the names be included.

The jury

The broad experience and knowledge that the various jury members allowed for every idea proposal to be reviewed and assessed according to the criteria set in the competition programme, in order to find a worthy winner through an overall assessment. Read the compiled statement from the jury and more about their work here

  • Anders Bodin, architect SAR/MSA, cultural heritage specialist at the National Property Board of Sweden (chairman)
  • Gunnar Björkman, Park Manager for the Royal Djurgården Administration
  • Jonas Dahlberg, artist, winner of the competition for the 22 July Memorial, Utøya.
  • Josefine Fredriksson, surviving/relative from the tsunami disaster
  • Anders Kling, landscape architect LAR/MSA
  • Lotta Mossum, curator at the Public Art Agency Sweden
  • Ann-Sofi Noring, Deputy Director of Moderna Museet
  • Maria Stigsson, surviving/relative from the tsunami disaster