In Vitro

Artist: kristoffer zetterstrand Tags: Permanent art

Across the vast glass surface, leaf shapes hover, filled with small pieces of leaded antique glass. The monochrome glass pieces resemble stained-glass church windows, or the angular pixels of a computer screen. The leaves appear enlarged, with a surface in warm and cold colours. Just inside, a Swedish folkloristic ornamental scroll unwinds. A close-up of greenery is printed directly on the windowpane. The organic shape spreads like a fractal where each small unit repeats the totality. There is an obvious contrast between the decoratively carved silhouette of the uniform vegetation and the softly-nuanced shading of the leaf shapes.

Kristoffer Zetterstrand’s artistic design In Vitro is like a stage. Various forms of signs denoting nature interact, in dialogue with the terse architecture of the building and the exterior surroundings. The shapes on the glass seem to break up the grid formed by the girders of the structure, and the different image layers merge with one another as the viewer moves through the room. The work of art expresses a contradictory relationship, where the distinct shapes add to the sensation of dissolution and help keep the actual boundary between interior and exterior as fluid as possible.

Kristoffer Zetterstrand’s paintings juxtapose different layers of realism. He playfully mixes styles and borrows traits from computer games and historic works of art. In a loving concoction he builds his obviously fictive scenarios which are reminiscent of dreams, and where the references exist with no sense of priority. A similar confusion with reality takes place in the design’s layered surfaces of constructed nature. This makes the transparent glass a congenial choice of material and location for Kristoffer Zetterstrand’s work of art.

Magnus Bons