I think I’m in love

Artist: daniel novakovic Tags: Permanent art Permanent konst


Monika Larsen Dennis

Daniel Novakovic’s work I Think I’m in Love for the Kåken House at Linköping University is a comic strip relating the small details, memories and events that linger on the mind many years after a love affair has ended. Bitter-sweet, romantic frag­ments that in hindsight appear to epitomise the whole relationship.

The work consists of some 20 stories, like small, compressed pop songs, that have been translated into the comic book format. In a sense, they resem­ble the autobiographic comics that have been popular on the Swedish comic book market since the 1990s, but Novakovic has also based his work on the eternal themes of pop and soul music, espe­cially the seven-inch British vinyl singles from the early eighties, with bands that barely knew how to play their instruments, but nevertheless produced records and designed their own covers, and then distributed their creations themselves in the hopes that their particular track would end up in the hands of some teenager who had just met their first love.

Another reference point is Motala Ström. Like the flowing water, the narratives whirl organically around the auditorium, sometimes tranquilly, and sometimes chaotically frothing, violent and plum­meting, reflecting all the phases of romance.

Daniel Novakovic’s work is a comic book story that challenges the limits of the genre. Instead of a comic book, magazine or album, or the tradition­ally intimate format of the graphic novel, Novako­vic opts to publish hisstory in a monumental for­mat. By transposing the narrative from the private sphere of the comic book to the public space, he creates a context with the potential for encounters and commonality. Here we are all faced with a story that is as universal as it is private. The rich detail of the work of art, and its site-specific posi­tion also document our time for future students at Norrköping Campus.

Gunnar Krantz