Double reflection

Artist: jeppe hein Tags: Permanent art


Peter Hagdahl/Statens konstråd

Email 08-440 12 99

Arkitekt: ADEPT

An interdisciplinary collaboration between art and architecture has given the new library at Dalarna University a veritably magical design. The Danish artist Jeppe Hein (b. 1973) has engaged in a unique and close collaboration with the architectural firm ADEPT to create a facade that interacts with the surroundings through reflections.The resulting work, Double Reflection, reinvents the entire front of the building. It was originally conceived as a wood panel structure, but was redesigned as horizontal, prismatic panels in reflective stainless steel. This artistic intervention radically shifts the purpose of the facade. The tangible physicality of the building volume is dissolved into reflections, mirror images and mirages that interrelate with the environment.Jeppe Hein is known for his interactive works on the cusp where art meets architecture and technological innovation. His sculptures and installations have a formal simplicity and are in lively dialogue with the 1970s minimalist and conceptual tradition of sculpture. Hein’s works always place the spectator at the centre, in surprising and fascinating ways, playfully challenging our preconceived notions of reality.With its reflections and illusions, the work Double Reflection changes the material building and engages our imagination in a magical experience.Peter Hagdahl