Community symphony

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The Italian artist and filmmaker Marinella Senatore engages in projects where people form groups to create something together with her. So far, she has collaborated with more than 60,000 people in 14 countries. She and her international team were invited by the Public Art Agency Sweden to work on the project Community Symphony.*



In spring 2015, the team connected with people living in Husby in Stockholm, and Persborg in Malmö, but also in other places in the two cities. The invitation was open to anyone who wanted to tell a story and participate in a creative process where each short film script was written collectively.

The result is seven processed scripts, to be filmed in Stockholm and Malmö in autumn 2015. Senatore simultaneously invites groups that dance or perform music together, to contribute to the films with their repertoire.

* Symphony is a broad musical term that describes a longer piece for one of the larger types of orchestra featuring a wide range of instruments. The term is often used figuratively to describe a great diversity of one kind or another.

Annika Hansson Wretman

About Marinella Senatore and her team

Marinella Senatore/Artist and film-maker
Marinella Senatore was born in Italy in 1977. Today she lives and works in Paris and London. She is well-established on the international art scene, having exhibited all over Europe, the USA, Asia and Latin America. The Venice Biennale and Whitechapel Gallery in London are just two examples of institutions where she has been invited to exhibit.Marinella Senatore works with a number of different techniques and art forms – ¬including film, installations, painting and dance. Her “participatory projects”, such as Community Symphony in Sweden, have received great attention. The projects are always created in collaboration with other people, and it is within the group of participants that the piece comes into existence. So far she has worked with 60,000 people in 14 countries. Every new place and group is naturally unique and not one of her projects is like any other.Marinella works with an international team of professionals who are enlisted based on their suitability for the type of project.In the project Community Symphony Rámon Alòs Sánchez and Laura Senatore are on location in Husby and Persborg.Marinella Senatore speaks Italian and English.For more information: www.marinella-senatore.comRámon Alòs Sánchez/Director and scriptwriterRámon Alòs Sánchez was born in 1974, lives and works in Valencia. He is a director, scriptwriter and animator, among his accolades is an Oscar nomination (2005) during his time as a student.Rámon will work on location with the participants in Community Symphony together with communications officer and project production manager Laura Senatore.Rámon Alòs Sánchez speaks English, Spanish and Italian.Laura Senatore/Project production manager and communications officerLaura Senatore, born in 1981, lives and works in Rome. She is a part of Marinella Senatore’s team with her competence as a journalist and communications officer focusing on contemporary art. Laura will work on location with the participants of Community Symphony together with the director Rámon Alòs Sánchez.

In the project Community Symphony Laura is the project production manager and is also responsible for the contact with those who are interested in keeping up-to-date with and/or participating in the project.

Laura Senatore speaks Italian and English.