Vilka är ni?

Artist: ingela ihrman, maja salomonsson, ögonblicksteatern Tags: temporary art Tillfällig konst Ort:

Vilka är ni? is a theatrical performance for all the family. The audience encounters characters from the plant and animal kingdoms of the forest in an absurd and poetic performance. Suitable for children from 8 years and adults of all ages, the performance is 45 minutes long.

Focusing on nature, artist Ingela Ihrman, director Maja Salomonsson and Ögonblicksteatern attempt to understand what being human entails. Together with the audience they explore roles, identities and expectations. The audience is actively involved and questions that may come up are: Do you give birth to live kids? Do you sleep close to each other or separately? Is everyone involved in decision-making when you play together? How long are your roots? What happens to you when you die? Are you afraid of being taken prisoner? Are you afraid of those you don’t know?

Both humorous and serious, Vilka är ni? is an existential mediation on humankind that in collaboration with the audience explores identities and expectations. What can the animal and plant kingdoms teach us about our humanity? What does it mean to be something or someone?

On stage: Stefan Andersson, Sara Gallardo, Karin Larson, Manour Salti, Johanna Sallander and Daniel Tholander.

Vilka är ni? is created by artist Ingela Ihrman and director Maja Salomonsson in collaboration with Ögonblicksteatern.

Hosted by: Weld