Cecilia Parsberg is a Doctor of Philosophy in Fine Arts in Visual Arts, Lund University and Umeå University.

Parsberg’s work is contextually situated, relational, performative, politically informed, and articulates an artistic view on challenges that are also existential, political and aesthetic.

A form of participatory performance is involved in the production process one way or another – and aims to generate images to be presented to an audience. Her projects are for the most part clearly situated in time and space and developed in relation to the public debate. Most of Parsberg’s work are presented as exhibitions in public art spaces and have often included a panel debate with local politicians and activists.
Doctoral dissertation in Fine Arts: How do you become a successful beggar in Sweden? An inquiry into the images of begging and giving in Sweden 2011–2016. The doctoral thesis, consisting of nine text chapters and six staged works, is in Swedish and English.

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