The Bridge Radio is an independent radio project created by migrants and non-migrants, who produce radio about migration, asylum and people’s movements. While staying critical towards the dominant discourse on asylum and migration the Bridge Radio aims to share information around the current developments related to asylum and migration, striving to spread the stories of resistance and struggles for the freedom of movement.

The Bridge Radio started in 2015 as a protest against the repressive migration regime in EU. Today, border and migration issues are visible in the public debate, but it is rarely presented from the perspective of those taking the journey or experiencing the asylum system themselves.

Recent exhibitions with The Bridge Radio: Economy of Migrant Labor – for the Right to Work, Solo exhibition at CAMP 2018, (Center for Art on Migration Politics), Exhibition and residency at Marabouparken Konsthall 2017, Stockholm, Bridge Radio at Roskilde Festival 2017, kurateret af CAMP (Center for Art on Migration Politics), Captured Outside 2 2017 at the exhibition Migration Politics: Three CAMP exhibitions at the SMK at Statens Museum for Kunst Köpenhamn curated by CAMP (Center for Art on Migration Politics).

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